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Rainbow Day Care Centers Inc. was founded in March 1982 by Michele Kindya and Marilynn Hopkins, to serve the needs of Pre-School children aged 12 months to six years in the Marine Park area of Brooklyn, New York. In June 2001 Rainbow opened a Staten Island location, also known as Stepping Stones Pre-School, in the town of Huguenot.


All locations are licensed by the Board of Health and have been approved by the Department of Education to provide a  Full Day Universal Pre-Kindergarten program. We admits students of any race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin.


Our centers foster the development of a positive self-image through various age appropriate learning activities. It is the goal of the center to provide the children with the necessary foundation upon which the building blocks of learning are based.


We nurture the whole child. We have an enriched program that is both child-centered and academically oriented.  Children learn through play and exploration. We understand that every child is different, and that they learn at their own pace and by way of their  interests and strengths. We provide formal and informal learning opportunities. We  create a balance between teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. The main goals of our learning center are to develop socialization, listening skills, and logical thinking.


To educate students to become competent, independent thinkers and lifelong enthusiastic learners with respect for themselves and others. We strive to provide a safe nurturing environment, filled with open-ended age appropriate materials for exploration and discovery. Our hope is to offer challenging thematic curriculum with a commitment to the education of the whole child. Education is a social process. Teachers and children are expected to experiment collaboratively to form conclusions. We strive to create an environment, which will bring out the innate passion for learning that is in each child. We provide purposeful experiences that create cooperation, care, respect, exploration and participation. We believe that every child is different and learns at his or her own pace. Children learn by doing. Hands-on experiences are well remembered.

Our Mission:

Brooklyn pre school teacher with children

About Us

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